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He is Malaysia’s pride and joy. This sports icon is idolised not only by Malaysians but by people from all over the world. He has a huge following in China. He is world No.1. The king of badminton and a figure to be reckoned with, he is none other than our very own Datuk Lee Chong Wei.

With his boyish look and down-to-earth demeanour, Lee is a singles player who has been ranked world No.1 for 199 consecutive weeks. Lee is the only Malaysian shuttler to hold the ranking for so long. He began by winning the silver medal in both the 2008 and 2012 Olympic Games which elavated him as the first Malaysian to reach the final in the men’s singles event.

This feat also brought an end to Malaysia’s Olympic medal drought since the 1996 games. His amazing accomplishment had been recognised with a Datukship title and the acknowledgement as the country’s national hero.

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“The first sport I started playing was basketball but my involvement in badminton was sparked by my father. He loved the sport very much. Every day, after work, he would head to the badminton court and I would tag along with him. He taught me how to play the game and I slowly got the hang of it.

However, I never thought that I would play badminton professionally until I made it to the national team at the age of 17,” reminisces Lee.

Lee attributes his achievements to the fact that he had a very strict coach. Lee’s coach Datuk Misbun Sidek was a tough person who trained him hard. Lee trained with his coach for about six years. He has received reprimands, been banned from taking part in tournaments and made to practise for long hours throughout these years.

“I remember this one time when I lost my temper during practice and threw my racquet to the ground. I was banned by Misbun from returning to the court for two weeks. I then apologised for throwing a tantrum. Training went on as usual after two weeks. I guess my coach’s principles and strict training made me the champion that I am today.”

“I remember him asking what I wanted on the first day of training. I replied that I wanted to make money and become Malaysia’s No.1. He smiled at me and told me that for that, I had to give him my time and dedication. I agreed and started training hard. When I won the first Malaysian Open, I really basked in the success and have the urge to win more tournaments.”

Lee believes that in order to excel, one has to have two important traits. First is discipline. One has to be disciplined and adhere to all the rules and regulations of a sport. Secondly, the diligence to work hard. One has to give it all when training in order to be the best. For Lee, if you do not work hard then there is no point in having the talent as it will only go to waste.

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Despite the success achieved, Lee is not smug. He aspires to own his own personal stadium and academy, one day. If all goes well and fate permits, he plans to participate in the 2016 Olympics and win the gold medal.


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Scholarship Categories

Category 1: Pre-University / Foundation / Diploma / Degree

Courses in KDU University College, Petaling Jaya or KDU  College Penang

Category 2: Secondary School - SPM

Secondary 4 & 5, Sri KDU® Secondary School, Kota Damansara


Applicants may be Malaysian citizens or citizens of other countries.

Category 1

• Students in Form 5 or equivalent who will sit for the SPM examination in 2011, or candidates who have successfully completed the SPM examination previously.

• A minimum of 5 Credits in SPM/IGCSE or equivalent is required. *

* Mid-term or trial examination results are acceptable for consideration, where actual results are not yet available

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• Students in Secondary 3 and should have completed the PMR examination or equivalent, by 2011.

* Mid-term or trial examination results are acceptable for consideration, where actual results are not yet available

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Value of Scholarship

The scholarship will be applicable as a full tuition fee waiver throughout the duration of course/programme at selected institution.

Application Requirements

1.  Applicants must submit a completed Application Form (either online or manual copy).

2.  Written personal statement (minimum 300 words) describing your personal journey to achieve your goal. Give your own title.

The personal statement can be written either in Bahasa Malaysia, English or Mandarin.


•  Applicants with the most inspirational personal statement will be shortlisted for an interview with the Scholarship Committee and Dato’ Lee Chong Wei. Only short-listed candidates will be noti­ed.

•  The announcement of the LCW-KDU Scholarship 2012 will be made by the end of December 2011.

•  Application for the LCW-KDU Scholarship 2012 closes at 5.00 p.m on Tuesday, 15 November 2011.

Terms and Conditions

1. The successful applicant must not be bonded to other institutions or organizations and shall not accept any other scholarships.

2. Each applicant is responsible for all costs incurred in the course of applying for the LCW-KDU Scholarship 2012.

3. All decisions of the Scholarship Committee shall be final and no discussion, correspondence or appeal will be entertained.

4. The LCW-KDU Scholarship 2012 covers the registration and tuition fees only.

5. Holders of the LCW-KDU Scholarship 2012 are not allowed to switch area of study unless with written approval from the Vice Chancellor.

6. The LCW-KDU Scholarship 2012 is tenable for the entire duration of the programme. However, a mid-term review will be conducted and

the Scholarship Committee has the right to terminate the Scholarship award at the end of any academic year in which the Scholarship is awarded if the recipient has failed to make satisfactory progress or has, in the view of the Scholarship Committee, been involved in activities or actions which may tarnish the name, image and/or reputation of the KDU Education Group and/or Dato’ Lee Chong Wei.

7. There is no bond to this scholarship except that recipients must be active members of the KDU Alumni after graduation.

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