Chemical Storylines Assignment Answers Atmosphere Albums

To begin this lesson I tell students that we will be reviewing for our exam by doing the activity Quiz Quiz. See the reflection Reviewing in Chemistry: Quiz Quiz for details on how this activity works.

I pass out one card to each student for which they will become an expert.  I get the cards by printing them out from the unit 7 review quiz quiz questions paper and cutting them up before class.  For this lesson I only had 24 questions, so for larger classes I gave some of the harder questions to multiple students and told those students to write down the name of the other student that got the card so that they could make sure to tell people to not partner with that other student either.  Also as I pass out cards I make sure to give the easier cards to students who are not doing so well in the unit and the more difficult level questions to my higher achieving students.

I give students about 10 minutes to become an expert on their question.  I remind them that although the answer is on the back of the card they need to know exactly how to find the answer which includes where the information can be found in their notes and how to perform the calculations for the math based problems.  As students are becoming experts I walk around and help them locate the information and solve the math problems.

Additionally I tell them to come up with some hints that they will give students if they are stuck.

Some questions are easier to become experts on, so I tell students to be patient while they wait for their partners to finish becoming experts.

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