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Let me start by saying Imani Smith is AMAZING! Went to Mon Amie a few weeks ago not expecting to find a dress (my wedding is a year a way). Imani took the time to look through my pinterest ideas, figure out what I was interested in, and pulled more than enough options that were all within my budget (with taxes included). I was treated like a queen with endless champagne for me and my family, flexibility, and did I mention customer service. After and hour of fun trying on all the dresses that looked exactly like my Pinterest pictures (and in my budget) Imani brought THE ONE. THE ONE looked nothing like I pintrist but perfect for me! Imani took the time to listen to my needs, take note of what I like, and found the dress of my dreams! Pick them because of : Imani, Great Selection, Willingness to go over and beyond and work with your budget, and the dress.

My 1 star review is for the alterations department at Mon Amie. My alterations specialist was not accommodating and when I expressed concerns or things I didn't like about the way the dress fit or was bustled she told me there was no other way. My dress was hemmed nicely and after being taken in too much initially, was let out and fit well. However, during my third appt I noticed the breast padding did not match up and was tugging the dress on one side, she assured me she would match both pads up and that I would not need another fitting before my wedding. I trusted her and the day of my wedding they still did not match up, it looked terrible and after the alterations it made the strap on my dress too loose so I had to keep pulling it up all day. The alterations were close to $1000 and I was expecting my dress to fit perfectly. I was very disappointed and would not recommend getting your dress altered here! I had such a great experience shopping at Mon Amie! Imani Smith helped me during all of my appointments and I couldn't have asked for a more attentive, kind, and accommodating stylist! She listened to what I was looking for and went above and beyond to help me find my wedding dress. She was able to pull dresses I was interested in and suggested different dresses that she thought I might like.. she even personally picked out the dress I chose! I can't wait to pick it up and I love that they offer alterations in store! Thanks Imani and Mon Amie!

I am a current Bridesmaid for my best friend and we have gone to so many different places to find "the perfect dress" (including even places in San Diego) and Mon Amie was by far the worse place we've been to. I am a soon to be bride myself and I am so glad I went with my friend as a bridesmaid to avoid having to deal with this as a bride myself. First of all, only a couple of the Bride's bridesmaid was able to join for this fitting because Mon Amie limited the Bride to a certain amount of people allowed to join. (How are you able to find the one when your entire bridal party isn't allowed to be there?!) Additionally, the bridal party and bride isn't allowed to go look through the dresses to see if there is any the bride would like. The stylist will look for the dress you want by what you tell her only, which makes it pretty difficult. Second of all, our stylist was by far the worse experience we've ever ever experienced. I didn't like how she started off the bat by asking the bride to be separated from the bridal party to ask what she was looking for. Sometimes, if you get the bridesmaid involved, you might get more answers. The way her behavior was towards the bridesmaid was also very hostile (as if you are bothering a girl whose hungover). She even snapped at us bridesmaid and said "you guys are awfully quiet over there!" And I'm like, shouldn't you know what quiet means?? It means we obviously do not like it!! Did she expect us to lie?? Our session ended very quickly here because the bride to be couldn't stand the attitude from the stylist any longer and the stylist just couldn't find a dress that any of us liked (Please see pictures of the dresses and you decide for yourself.) Not only was she rude but she never cared to check up on how we were doing because she gave us water in a broken glass and we were never given the opportunity to let her know. I believe customer service and patience is the most important aspect of a shop specializing in bridal dresses and this place lacked it. Need less to say, I'm sorry but I don't think I will be coming back. I'm too scared to be honest.

The entire team at Mon Amie Bridal is EXTRAORDINARY! I would go as far as to say even miracle workers! The entire team over there made the whole experience so fun and festive and completely unforgettable - between the pink champagne and finding my dream dress (first one I tried on)! Special thanks to Esme and Sophia at Mon Amie Bridal for not only altering my Ysa Makino Italian silk satin wedding gown to fit my body PERFECTLY despite crazy fluctuations leading up to the big day, but also for the same-day alterations to remove my wedding gown's train A YEAR LATER so that I could surprise my husband for our one year anniversary and feel as beautiful as I did on my wedding day anytime I want! The alterations are pricey, but this is one expense I wasn't willing to skimp on as alterations on an Italian silk satin gown are risky enough! And they totally delivered and did a wonderful job, beginning to end! Fun fact: my aunt found her dream wedding dress at this same bridal boutique almost 30 years ago! They're tried and true, no better place for a bride!

I bought a beautiful dress here and had such a great experience. Eric was incredibly helpful and patient. I went to 5 other dress fittings and not only was the dress of my dreams here but the staff especially Eric were so kind and genuine.

I can't Thank Mon Amie Bridal Salon enough for making my Dreams come true. If You want your DREAM Dress this is the place to go. I had an Amazing experience. Laurel and her staff are consummate professionals, from follow up phone calls, alterations, and to delivering my dress on time this team is on it. Now, "the dress"... The minute i put it on i had my "aha" moment! I wore Lazaro and it made me feel like a Princess. I will be Forever Grateful to Mon Amie and when my sisters get married we will be back!!

Came here to help my friend the "one" dress. She had been to countless stores and she was about to give up. I recommended my friend Mon Amie because they had a large selection from high end to more affordable dresses. My sister bought her dress here and I almost bought my wedding dress here too. So, my friend made an appointment with Julie since she had over 20 years of experience with bridal gowns. With Julie's help we found THE dress. My friend ended up getting a Berta dress for a wonderful price. She looked amazing and I even got teary when she put it on. Julie was patient and so sweet throughout the entire process. We even went over our appointment time. She didn't pressure us in anyway and even told my friend not to force herself to like any dresses. I would definitely recommend Julie to future brides to be. Oh yea, we got to drink bubblies twice.

This was truthfully a horrible experience. After purchasing my dress I began the alterations process and the initial appointment went fine, The alteration specialist confirmed all the changes we talked about and paid for were an easy fix. However when I came back the only thing that had been done was the hem and it was crooked. After coming back 3 times and paying a small fortune the alteration Specialist still had not completed the fixes, but presented the dress as done, finally I gave up and took the dress home. With 2 weeks to my wedding I am now fixing my dress at home with no apology or offer of a partial reimbursement of any kind for paid services that were not performed. I would recommend going just about anywhere else rather than Mon Amie.

Stephanie and the staff at Mon Amie Bridal Salon were extremely helpful in assisting with our Custom Fit High Fashion Bridal Gown, including color, measurements, fabrics and lace patterns. Really pleased with their exceptional level of customer service - Highly Recommended!

After 2 trips to BHLDN and 3 smaller boutiques I was feeling the pressure of finding a dress! Jessica, my amazing stylist, really worked hard trying to figure out what I was going for, and the perfect version of that. I am so happy I came to this store, everyone was SO sweet and their selection was PHENOMENAL. The owner walks around making sure everyone is happy and adding her advise. I LOVE my dress and the experience was such a sweet one, I can't thank Mon Ami enough!!

Okay. I don't even know how to start this review. I walked into Mon Amie after trying a couple of different local bridal salons. Mon Amie has WAY more selection and in my option, much more quality dresses than some others in the area. But I want my review to focus on my bridal stylist, Jessica. She seriously made this entire experience SO PERFECT. We had several appointments together and we began calling them our Wednesday night dates. She got the feel for what kind of dress I liked immediately and went in the back to pull a few, strategic dresses. All were beautiful. I found one I loved. She knows I'm a bit edgy and different so she asked us to "hang on one second" and went in the back to grab an insane accessory (won't go into details in case my fiancé reads). IT WAS PERFECT. IT MADE THE DRESS. If it weren't for Jessica I wouldn't have know something like that even existed. On top of that, she was always super professional, had a great sense of humor and welcomed us with a glass of champaign. She made the process so perfect and I honestly couldn't have done it with any other bridal consultant or store. Needless to say, Jessica is invited to the wedding. I walked out of Mon Amie with a friend and a perfect dress.

Tina is the best. Her personality makes you feel so comfortable as she makes you feel so welcomed. Not pushy, very honest, so sweet.

Ever since I got engaged I have stressed over picking out a wedding dress. I didn't think I would be able to find something I loved or I would find something and it would be way over my budget. From the moment I walked into Mon Amie, I was in love & knew this would be the place I would find my dress. Tina was my stylist & there are not enough good words to say about her. I took my 5 bridesmaids, my mom, mother in law and grandma and all 8 of them had a different look they wanted me to try out. Tina took me into her room and really got to know me and my fiancé. She asked all the right questions, looked at photos & asked my budget. I was so comfortable the entire time. I tried on my dream dress 1st and was sold but it was my first time trying on dresses so I kept trying more on. 6 dresses later Tina had me put back on my dream dress and walk down the Mon Amie aisle to all of my girls. I cried the entire time & Tina knew this was my dress. The entire team were so helpful & let us stay and drink champagne, take photos and celebrate buying a dress. I can't wait to go back in August and see my dress. Tina, you are so wonderful! Thank you so much!

My experience was definitely three stars. I shopped at another bridal shop in the area and absolutely fell IN LOVE with the designer Haley Paige. While I found several contenders for my wedding dress (and was informed that there would likely be a trunk show in near future), I thought there wasn't any harm in shopping around a bit. On the website Mon Amie advertised the largest selection of dresses in the area and I called to ask about their selection of Haley Paige. They said that they had MANY dresses by this designer. I made an appointment and headed over to check it out. When I got there, I had to wait for just a few minutes and was told to look at the back wall for the so-called Haley Paige selection. While they did have two racks of dresses by JLM (huge selection of Lazaro), the umbrella company that makes Haley Paige, they literally had ONE dress by Haley Paige. LITERALLY ONE. So much for the huge selection they stated over the phone. It was a beautiful dress, but the whole point was I wanted to try on a few other dresses that I saw on her website that I hadn't tried on yet. It was mildly annoying but I figured maybe I could try on a few other dresses while I was there. My stylist was incredibly nice but not helpful at all. He told me to look around the store and brought me literally one dress that I did not personally pick out myself. I even said I was open to trying on some different styles just to see what they looked like, my stylist did not have recommendations. I find that odd since at the other dress shop I went to, I found many, many dresses that I loved and was having a hard time nailing down a style and designer that I wanted! At Mon Amie, I tried on a total of 5 dresses (apparently that was the selection that fit my desire to have a "romantic, light, A-line dress") and the only one that was decent was one I had already tried on elsewhere. Additionally, they have good lighting to take pictures out in the open but the dressing rooms are about as nice as they are at a JC Penny. Not exactly the feeling I want to have when trying on a 3,000 dress. I'm sure they have a lot of nice dresses for other brides but for me this just wasn't the shop for me to find my dream dress. It also would have been nice if the receptionist had answered my question honestly over the phone. I would have rather spent my afternoon with my wonderful fiance then wasting time at a bridal appointment at a store with such a limited selection.

Have you checked the background of your employees lately? one of them is bankrupt, divorced, and a crooked real estate agent!

Mon Amie, they are the most amazing and accommodating Bridal Company. I had an extremely awful experience at a rental bridal store called One Night Affair. Long story short, One Night Affair took my nonrefundable deposit on a dress and then went MIA. I didn't have a dress and I am 2 months away from my Wedding. Mon Amie heard my story and literally saved the day! Jessica was helping me and she was so patient with me and was actually wanting to help. I put on this beautiful ballgown and it fit perfectly. I had found my Wedding dress thanks to Jessica and the store manager at Mon Amie. I am so thankful for their help and genuine kindness. I highly recommend shopping here for your wedding day. You won't be disappointed!

Horrible horrible sales girl. It was the most unpleasant experience. She was bossy, rude and just didn't give a damn about my daughter or any of our questions and concerns. And OMG we asked if she could try on a vail with the dress... wow her attitude was awful Shane on you Jessica for ruining a young lady's experience of wedding dress shopping.

I had a great experience. Rebecca was the attendant that helped me find the one. The quality of the material of my dress is exquisite especially for the price. She really knew what would work with my body type and found dresses that I would have never tried on. Much to my surprise all of them looked great on me which was surprising because I had worried nothing would look good. I bought my dress and can't wait to see it! I recommend Mon Amie to anyone on a budget because they respected that I didn't want to spend a ton, but found a dress at a decent price but with such beautiful detail!

BRIDES BEWARE!!!!! When I went to see my dress once it came in there were so many issues. My chest area was unevenly cut. It was a sweetheart and the right side is higher than the left side, the zipper keeps getting stuck, and the threads are coming out of the dress. Part of the seam on the left side was already ripping. The underlining of the dress is over lapping. Two of the alteration ladies (One of them, I was told is the manager and said she has been in alterations for 20 years) both apologized and said the dress is unacceptable. One of the ladies said the type of material the dress is will not be able to be fixed due to the type of material (no one told me this when I was buying the dress, nor is it the same type of material as the sample dress I tried on, the tag also isn't the same as the original designer). The sales manager Tina comes in and tells me my dress is fine and nothing is wrong with it! Finally, she agrees it has faults and she will let the manufacturer know about the issues and they will make me a new one. As a bride, I don't want to wait for this dress for an attempted fix for it to come back with the same issues, I'm on a timeline. I told her what her alteration lady said, she said "oh they don't know anything" .The lady who is supposed to be altering my dress doesn't know anything? Hmmmm. She states my contract says I need to give the manufacturer a second opportunity to fix the dress. I even asked if I can put my deposit towards another dress and my response was no. I don't want to wait for another faulty dress to come in but I don't have any other option apparently. I don't hear from her until a few days after (two weeks total from the incident date). Meanwhile, I have looked over my contract. Nowhere on the contract does it say what she stated. I told her that as well and if she can show me where on my contract it states that I need to give the manufacturer a second opportunity. She laughed and said "oh well, I'm sure it's in their somewhere, but honestly I haven't seen the contract in years"). How can a sales manager not know what the contract says and on top of that LIE to you about your contract. I tried to get another dress and work with them by putting the deposit towards another dress. Mon Ami kicks you to the curb once they get your money. How they're still in business shocks me. I have also asked for the corporate information which she still hasn't not given me. She tells me to write my letter to corporate and send it to them and they'll send it to corporate. I don't think so.... I wasn't born yesterday. Mon Ami is nothing but dishonest. Thank you so much for kicking a bride to the curb and causing stress and grief over my wedding dress.

I am one of the bridesmaid for a bride to be that scheduled a private appointment at this shop. They close down the shop, and have a private appointment for you and your party. We had 7 people total. They had champagne and sparkling apple cider, sandwiches, and desserts for everyone. It was filling enough to be a full meal for each person. They look at the Pinterest Board you prepare, and hand select gowns that they think you would like. The second gown the bride tried on was perfect for her tastes, vision, and theme. Then the bridesmaids have an opportunity to choose additional gowns which they either think may look good on the bride but she wouldn't choose for herself, or they just want to see the bride in for giggles. There were two attendants. They are very attentive and nice. They even play music that they think the bride would like. They were very accommodating. I needed to pump because I am breastfeeding, and they let me borrow one of the huge dressing rooms that had comfy chairs and an outlet. It was larger than some rooms I may have rented out during my college years, I think. The night ends with a gift bag for the bride which included the goblet she was drinking from which is thematic with her wedding, and little goodies.

Reviewed on 11/07/2016 Nasreen K

Tina McLean at Mon Amie Bridal was an absolute pleasure to work with. She helped both my sister and I find the perfect wedding dress for our weddings. Since I had previously met Tina while shopping for my sister’s wedding dress, I knew she was the one I wanted to help find... Read More mine. I kept in contact with Tina prior to my appointment as my time frame to get a wedding dress was limited. Based off the descriptions I gave her, I came to the appointment with wedding dresses waiting for me to try on. I found my dress after trying on only the second dress she had picked out for me, and I absolutely LOVED it. It captured every detail I relayed to Tina about how I wanted my dress to turn out. My case was a bit different though, as I needed to alter my dress to accommodate religious needs. The team at Mon Amie Bridal from management to the alterations department worked with me every step of the way to ensure my dress was the dream dress I was looking for. Thank you to Tina and the rest of the Mon Amie Bridal team for creating the beautiful dress I always dreamt of wearing!

Reviewed on 10/15/2017 Jenna G

Had such an amazing experience at Mon Amie yesterday and ultimately ended up saying yes to the dress! I was fortunate enough to be paired with bridal specialist Julie, who used her impressive experience to help me narrow down my vision and ultimately show me the dress I ended up... Read More choosing! Overall amazing experience with friendly staff, impressive collection of dresses while still being cognizant and respectful of a bride’s budget. Would recommend to every bride!

Reviewed on 8/07/2017 Ingrid S

Mon amie has a super good taste for wedding dresses, for all kinds of brides and all budgets! definitely a must go store in costa mesa!!! After all the stylist I met in all the appointments Tina McLean was truly the best!! she undestand perfectly for what you are looking for... Read More and help you with all your questions! totally recommended

Reviewed on 2/09/2018 Vaimiti L

Tina McClean helped me choosing my dream gown for my wedding. It was a real pleasure to work with her and Esmeralda, the girl doing the alterations. She always finds the right words to comfort you and to guide you. She’s the best to me and I’m really happy with my Mon Amie... Read More Bridal experience. Thank you Tina !!!!!!

Reviewed on 1/24/2018 Kim P

Although I didn't end up getting my wedding dress here, I had a wonderful experience! When I began my search last January, I had my first appointment here and Janelle made me feel so comfortable. She was strict to stay within my budget and didn't push me to buy anything that I... Read More was unsure about. I found two I loved, but couldn't make a final decision. I shared with her that I found my dress elsewhere, and she was so happy to hear I had found my dress even though it wasn't at Mon Amie! I honestly felt bad that I didn't purchase my dress at Mon Amie because Janelle was so great!!

Reviewed on 11/15/2017 Margo C

I found the dress of my dreams at Mon Amie Bridal. I was recommended it by numerous people and this place is the stuff of fantasies. So many beautiful dresses! I had a middle/low price range and my consultant Ivy (the most wonderful person on the planet) made my special day with... Read More my mom incredible. She listened to what I wanted and stayed in my budget. She talked with my mom and I and made some awesome dress suggestions -- she was walking with me around the store and said that she had a dress no one had tried on yet and she thought it would be perfect for me. When I saw it on the hangar it was way out of my comfort zone, but I put it on and I cried. It was my dress. It was the perfect moment and she made it all possible for my mom and I. It was so me and it is like she could see the real me and found a dress for my personality. My seamstress was also amazing and the whole experience was top notch. I loved the way I looked on my wedding day!

Reviewed on 10/30/2017 Michelle S

Mon Amie is top-notch! I scheduled a "Signature Appointment" (…) with them and loved the experience. To explain how the Signature Appointment works, you pay just under $300 ($100 of which is applied to a dress if you buy there) to get the store... Read More completely to yourself and a group (up to 10) friends. Delicious snacks (I say snacks, but you could easily make a meal out of it) and champagne/cider are provided so it's like a mini-party for your friends. You also have the luxury of Mon Amie's wonderful stylist (Tina) assisting you with dress selections. Before you even set foot in the store, a number of dresses have been pulled for you by Tina based on your personal style. How does that happen? Tina diligently reviews the Pinterest/Tumblr you send her before your appointment, and picks out beautiful dresses that fit YOUR style. (You also tell her your budget in advance to make sure your style doesn't outspend you!) The Signature Appointment also comes with a tote full of goodies. As someone who was honestly intimidated by wedding dress shopping, I'm happy to say Tina and Beth (the manager) made my experience both fun and laid-back. To my surprise, I never felt overwhelmed, pretentious, or "not me." (They also accommodated my friend who recently had a baby with a room for pumping.) Beyond the customer service, the dress selection was GREAT. In fact, this spoiled me when I visited some other stores in the area and was great disappointed by the selection. (Do your research before showing up at stores!) Traditional, totally non-traditional, or anywhere in between - you'll find something there you love! I highly recommend going to Mon Amie and, if possible, scheduling a "Signature Appointment." You'll love it, and so will the friends you take with you!

Reviewed on 9/17/2017 Brenda V

Mon Amie was the perfect place to go for my Wedding dress. My friend Becky went there years ago and I was her bridesmaid. The experience was excellent and still is to this day. Marianna LoMonaco found me the dress i was looking for. When i first went i wasn't quite sure what... Read More i wanted it was so hard to decide. The dresses at Mon Amie are beautiful, so hard to decide on a style. Marianna brought out the dresses that she thought would look good on me and i liked them. Tina the manager also popped in from time to time to see the dresses on me, she helped me too. Everyone is so nice. I didn't decide right away on the 1st visit, i just wasn't sure yet. I had went to other Bridal shops and ended up back at Mon Amie. I had a great experience with Marianna and I knew she knew what dress i would say Yes to and she found it! I never knew i would cry like i've seen other brides do when they put on that perfect dress and I did with Marianna. She found me that dress and I said YES to the dress! I just want to thank Marianna and Tina (the Manager) for helping me find the perfect dress. I highly recommend this Bridal Salon.

Reviewed on 9/04/2017 Brandon B

Mon Amie, they are the most amazing and accommodating Bridal Company. I had an extremely awful experience at a rental bridal store called One Night Affair. Long story short, One Night Affair took my nonrefundable deposit on a dress and then went MIA. I didn't have a dress and I... Read More am 2 months away from my Wedding. Mon Amie heard my story and literally saved the day! Jessica was helping me and she was so patient with me and was actually wanting to help. I put on this beautiful ballgown and it fit perfectly. I had found my Wedding dress thanks to Jessica and the store manager at Mon Amie. I am so thankful for their help and genuine kindness. I highly recommend shopping here for your wedding day. You won't be disappointed!

Reviewed on 8/01/2017 Markella S

I did not find my dress at Mon Ami but I have to say the service was excellent and they had a large assortment of dresses in many different styles. Tina who assisted me was amazing and I showed her a phot of a dress that I had already tried on at another store and at the end of... Read More my fitting she said, "I would love to have you as a Mon Ami bride but I can't find your dress because you already found it". That is customer service and I highly recommend all brides to check this place out!

Reviewed on 7/12/2017 Lori I

I can't encourage brides to visit this salon enough! I came to Mon Amie after visiting several other high-end bridal salons where I felt rushed and expendable. Granted, I'm the type of bride that refuses to settle and was hell bent on finding the PERFECT dress, but choosing your... Read More wedding dress is a big deal and I didn't want to feel like just another bride or number. So when I met Janelle at Mon Amie it was like a breathe of fresh air! She was so patient and let me pick out NUMEROUS dresses (some of which I tried on twice to narrow down my choices, because they were all so beautiful). I never once felt like an imposition and she went above and beyond to give me and my party the VIP treatment. The whole time I was trying on dresses, I felt like I was just playing dress up with one of my girl friends. I wound up finding my dress that night, and 100% believe that the experience was just as meaningful as finally being able to say "yes to dress". Janelle, as well as the whole team at Mon Amie, made me feel heard and valuable - the way every bride wants and should feel on such a special day. If you havent been here yet, GO! And ask for Janelle if you want your experience to be as memorable and amazing as mine was !

Reviewed on 4/21/2017 Jemima E

0 friends 1 review 5.0 star rating 4/21/2017 I could not have asked for a better experience working with Tina McLean! When I came to Mon Amie I had already visited so many bridal stores and still was not loving anything. Tina was the most patient and gracious stylist, she... Read More never rushed me and I truly felt like she listened to my concerns. I went there thinking I knew what style I wanted but left with something totally different. If it wasn't for Tina I would have never tried on my dress. But you must trust her expertise! The dress she suggested was a perfect fit for my style, personality and budget. Tina is the best! If you go to Mon Amie you must ask for her, you wont regret it!

Reviewed on 4/07/2017

I had a perfect experience at Mon Amie! It was my first time trying on dresses and I had an idea of what I wanted but I was open to anything. I was lucky enough to work with Tina who was just perfect! She was patient, but gave her opinion when needed and she pulled options that... Read More I would have overlooked. I live in NY so I did not buy my dress here but Tina ended up introducing me to a designer that I was not familiar with and I feel in love with her and ended up buying one of her dresses in NY. I have nothing but great things to say about Mon Amie and to all the brides out there, request Tina - she will make the process seamless , stress-free and fun!

Reviewed on 2/27/2017 Arian M

I came in planning an Islamic Afghan ceremony, hoping I would be able to find something quickly in green. I had doubts about finding anything but I found a gorgeous dress made in the in house designer that could be done in green in a limited time. Unfortunately I wasn't able to... Read More get a swatch beforehand but the dress came out even better than expected. Breathtaking. More than one could ask for. Tina was amazing in finding something gorgeous, quickly, and in my vision for our wedding on the Queen Mary. She had incredible vision and input and made me feel comfortable in the dressing room. She took suggestions well but I think a bride should go in and just trust her. She's got great vision fit and physique and I tried and loved a dress wouldn't have picked out myself. I was nervous when I didn't get a swatch but the best thing I did was trust them. Beth was very comforting and babysat my dress for me, both Tina and Beth giving me updates all along the way. My emerald green dress was amazing and I was a princess on the Queen Mary. The skirt and sheath combination with multicolored green beading was incredible.

Reviewed on 2/06/2017 Sara S

Tina was wonderful!

Reviewed on 1/09/2017 Carla C

Terrible bridal boutique! This store has no business carrying high end wedding gowns and their alterations department is a joke. They butchered my sister in laws $8000 Berta gown and charged her for it. We had to take it elsewhere to be repaired and when that seamstress saw what... Read More Mon Amie had done she was speechless. Stay far away from Mon Amie! They get your money, put you in a time crunch and your screwed. Why risk it withh plenty of other bridal boutiques in Southern California.

Reviewed on 11/01/2016

After going to over 10 bridal stores, I am blown away by the level of service at Mon Amie. My stylist, Tina, made me feel comfortable from the very beginning when she listened to what I imagined in my dream dress. She found the most unique architectural dress for me that... Read More matched my style and was exactly what I was looking for. Tina's years of experience, professionalism, and fun and caring personality (she even came in on her day off to let me try on the dress again!) made it a dream to work with her! Thank you Tina for making my bridal experience absolutely perfect!

Reviewed on 10/29/2016 Lisa V

I went with my sister to find her wedding dress and she worked with Max as her consultant. At first I thought my sister would be hesitant with a male consultant but MAX was so amazing and fabulous in more ways than one! She was glad she got MAX because he made the experience so... Read More much fun. By far he was the best consultant compared to other stores we went into. He was genuinely excited about my sister's wedding plans and took the time to get to know her and understand what dress she was looking for. He was amazing and knowledgeable and just darn hilarious! We laughed A LOT which made trying on dresses less stressful and more playful and fun until we found the perfect one. If you're looking to Mon Amie for your dress definitely request MAX - you won't regret it! I wasn't even the bride and I felt like a queen.

Reviewed on 10/28/2016 Amy V

This place is amazing and what makes amazing is Maxx Martinez. He is really incredible at his job. From the moment we met, his energy and professionalism was on point. You can tell he loves what he does. I went to many bridal shops and overall, everyone was god but Maxx gives... Read More you that extra piece of "special". He sat down with my sister and I and asked about my fiancé, our wedding, and gave us his background, which he has a lot of experience. After talking, he pulled 8-9 gowns, all of which I would have chosen and one or two that I would not have picked. He zeroed in on exactly what I wanted and my style. I ended choosing a dress I would have never considered trying on. This guy knows his stuff. He dresses to the nines and his make-up is always perfect. Don't give up the opportunity to work with him because he is a male. He is very professional and was better than all the other consultants I met. Thank you Maxx! Everyone there is really nice and they have a great selection of dresses.

Reviewed on 10/28/2016

When my oldest step-son got engaged my first and only thought was to go to Mon Amie where I purchased my wedding gown a few years earlier. Not only were there many beautiful choices I was able to have a custom gown designed by Olia Zavozina herself. She was doing a trunk show.... Read More During that busy weekend both Olia and the staff took the time to design the most unique beautiful gown. When it arrived I knew it was breathtaking! I received more compliments than you can imagine, including from the bartender! Whether you are the bride, mother of the bride/groom or looking for an elegant gown Mon Amie is the only place I would recommend from the beautiful choices to the amazing staff. 5 Stars for sure!!

Reviewed on 10/28/2016

Mon Amie is the most amazing Bridal Salon. From the beautiful selection to the amazing staff. I was looking for a sophisticated gown for our summer wedding that made me feel like a bride but also be appropriate for a second marriage. I never thought I would find my dream gown... Read More there. The staff made me feel amazing and knew immediately what would be perfect. I highly recommend making this Salon your #1 choice whether you are a young princess bride, a sophisticated bride or an older bride for the second time. Definitely 5 stars!

Reviewed on 10/28/2016 Gaby D

Found my dress in 2 appointments!!!! Tina McLean was an amazing stylist!!! She knew the styles that complimented my body type. Thank-you so much! Can't wait to wear my wedding dress!

Reviewed on 10/27/2016 Meredith P

I am OBSESSED with my gorgeous Ysa Makino/Stephen Yearick/Leigh Price GOWN! It's STUNNING! I worked with Imani at Mon Amie and it was a perfect pairing. Tina, the manager, was perfectly instinctual when pairing me with Imani. She was fun, personable and knew exactly the type of... Read More gown I was looking for. I came in with a solid idea of what I wanted and knew that a dramatic Yearick/Makino/Price aesthetic was ideal. I was a little underwhelmed with the gowns that they carried but when my Mother and I found the couture gowns in the back corner, I hit the jackpot! I realize that most brides are not interested in the dramatic and want a more simple and sweet dress. Hence the selection. However, with my searching and with Imani's help, the first dress I picked and tried on was IT! YES To the dress on EVERY level. Tears were flowing, and Imani was completely supportive as a "friend" would be. She was patient and flexible, creative and the best part...I was able to work with the designer directly through Mon Amie to make it my very own. With a few adjustments made, it's going to be a one of a kind. It is stunning and elegant and the service at Mon Amie was really lovely, thanks to Imani and the rest of those working that day. Tina was wonderful and I appreciated her working with the infamous Leigh Price to get me exactly the gown I envisioned. I cannot WAIT to get my gown in the Spring. It's going to be such a statement, a piece of wearable art and I am grateful to have found my dream gown with the team at Mon Amie in my corner. Cheers!

Reviewed on 10/27/2016 Stephanie R

I want to start off by saying my experience at Mon Amie has been amazing. This was the third Bridal store I went to & going inside I knew I would find my dress because they have such a wide selection of dresses. Maxx is simply just the best! We sat down in a private dressing... Read More room with complementary wine & he got to know me first before trying on dresses. He made my whole experience so personal & FUN. It was the experience you dream of & should have. I came back a week later with my grandma & mom to YES to the dress & it was surly a moment I will always treasure. Maxx & the staff made this possible. I highly recommend Mon Amie Bridal Salon.

Reviewed on 10/24/2016 Clare S

I think I tried on an honest total of 100 dresses before I found Mon Amie Bridal. It had been a long fun weekend of trying on every sort of dress and I had come close to a winner at The Dresser salon in Orange County. I had taken a picture of the near perfect dress and I showed... Read More it to Julia Salzman (the most fun and competent wedding dress professional I have come across) when I arrived at Mon Amie. She gave me a little smile and told me and my entourage to pick out any dress we fancied. Julia disappeared and we were off. I found a few that were pretty, but nothing jumped out at me as "The Dress." After a few minutes, we went back in the fitting room with our selections and were surprised to find several already hanging on the wall. One in particular looked especially beautiful. I immediately pointed to the one and said I'd try that on first. It was the one. It was gorgeous and I felt amazing in it! Julia had known the exact dress that I was looking for and she was there with me every step of the way. I can't wait to show my pictures of the wedding to Julia and the rest of the Mon Amie Bridal team! Thank you!

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