Vga De2-115 Pin Assignments

Hello community:

I would like to know how to make use of the VGA port on the DE2-115 board using either Verilog or C++ code in Quartus II, it doesn't really matter which. I would like to be able to flip the switches and have the VGA port Output a specific color on a monitor depending on which switch is flipped. I would also like to have the LCD display on the board itself have the name of the word displayed and the hex display to show the hex code for the color being displayed. If possible I would also like a sound clip each time a switch is flipped which will play the name of each color too using the audio port. I have used Qsys and Verilog files a little bit but no enough to even know where to begin on something that is not in a tutorial somewhere. Since this isn’t a class assignment (Just something I want to do which is why there are so many things I listed without a specific guideline to follow) feel free to lend as much assistance as possible without feeling as though I’m cheating myself out of something.

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