Accenture Second Interview Case Study

Hi guys,

I have a ACN strat case interview lined up next week (the 75 min ones).

I was wondering as to the style of ACN's case interviews:

Are they more interviewer-led or candidate-led?

Also, is there a large tendency to squeeze in a quantitative component into the middle of it (ie, guesstimate this, or spread the numbers based on exhibits A/B/C)?

Lastly what kind of cases do they usually query candidates on?


Accenture Case Study Details

Our users shared that the case studies are usually interviewee led but the case itself is determined by the interviewer who had experience working on the situation. Our users felt that the quantitative element was not overwhelming.

User @John-Doe8 shared:

They use an interviewee led style, and the case is developed by the interviewer. What this means practically is that you shouldn't expect highly developed charts or data tables, and be prepared to ask good questions that test a running hypothesis once you set up your initial framework. My ACN case interviews were the easiest ones that I went through (did receive an offer); the quantitative portions were very straight forward, which makes sense because the interviewers are busy consultants who created the cases themselves (as opposed to something from a bank which has been meticulously created to test a candidate's quantitative reasoning).

Pro tip 1: After your conclusion, make sure you include a next steps section. For example: "I would perform or commission a follow up study to determine definite answers to issue X and Y, as well as have a team interview professionals in Y company to determine realistic options for implementing the plan we discussed above". Because Accenture is a large firm with a heavy focus on implementation style work, their ideal world is to own a project from start to finish. Show that you'll be a forward looking member of the team.

Pro tip 2: Ask the interviewer about the engagement once you finish the case (time permitting). Because they worked on the case, they will be very excited to talk about it and share their experience. It's usually an interesting story, and your curiosity will leave a positive impression.

User @6pence shared:

It's usually interviewee led but can turn into more of a back and forth depending on the interviewer. For example, you (as the interviewee) might be asked the initial question to which you might ask clarifying questions. The interviewer might respond with answers and/or guidance. It's a back and forth process.

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I applied through college or university. The process took 3 weeks. I interviewed at Accenture (Washington, DC) in October 2017.


Had two events on campus. One case study interview workshop and one behavioral interview workshop. Both round interviews were on campus and was back to back. The first round was basic behavioral, barely asked any real questions aside from what's on your resume, just know your resume inside and out, and was honestly a conversation, so do have a purpose. Got a call that evening to come in the next morning for the second round.

In the second round I had which consisted of a case, and then another behavioral. Make sure you study well for the case interview, master the art of MECE and the structure of going through a case study. As far as the behavioral in the second round, it was also conversational, they just want to see what exactly you'd be doing in the company, so again know your resume inside and out! The conversation for both behavioral interviews was mainly focused around my extracurricular activities, that's literally the first thing that stood out to them. But honestly this was a very smooth interview process, I just found it difficult because I didn't perform well.

Interview Questions

  • 1. Tell me about yourself
    2. Conflict in a team
    3. Mainly focused on extracurricular activities; they want someone who sets initiatives for themselves and posses a lot of leadership qualities
    4. Why Accenture/ Consulting
    5. Why your major
    4. CASE: ABC provides supportive services to low income individuals, they need more funding and demand is rising. What do you suggest.   1 Answer
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