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Journalists from Venezuela, Argentina, Mexico, Guatemala, Brazil, Uruguay, Cuba and the Basque Country convened in Caracas last week to participate in the “Venezuela Responds” Journalism Forum to address the link between right-wing attacks and what was deemed as being “media terrorism” perpetrated against the Bolivarian government.

Venezuela's Ombudsman Calls for End to 'Neo-Nazi' Hate Crimes

Resumen Latino Americano reported that the meeting was inaugurated by Venezuelan journalist and writer Roberto Hernandez Montoya who articulated his ideas about the current situation in Venezuela.

Chilean journalist Christian Rodriguez and teleSUR presenter Jorge Gestso followed with the thoughts about Venezuela's current political panorama which has consistently been the subject of right-wing violent protests since early April.

The three journalists spoke about the difficulties they encountered while trying to convey the most accurate, faithful news concerning Venezuela and Latin America as a whole. Their common detractor, the journalists noted, is mainstream storylines aimed at generating unfavorable opinions toward progressive and revolutionary movements and governments.

Caila Rodrigues, from Brazil's weekly online news journal, Brasil de Fato and Larisa Capriglione, also from Brazil emphasized the need to strengthen ties with Venezuela's Bolivarian government to counter media terrorism and conspiracies that threaten and distort the truth about the country.

‘We Will Never Give Up’: Venezuela’s Maduro to Marco Rubio

Carlos Aznarez, director of Latin American Summary said that Venezuela is besieged by an imperialist war, one that is orchestrated by “fascist” elements allied with international "media terrorists." He explained that “like the Nazis and followers of Mussolini,” their attacks are meant to gradually disintegrate society through intimidation and violence against the will of the people.

Meanwhile, constitutional lawyer Jesus Silva noted that a perfect example of mainstream media terrorism is the backing of Sunday's unconstitutional plebiscite convened by right-wing opposition forces. He noted that after 100 days of lethal aggression against the democratically-elected government of President Nicolas Maduro, the true path to dialogue, peace, and reconciliation is the National Constituent Assembly.


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  • teleSUR has been on the air for over 10 years

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