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3m Post-It Notes Case Study

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Post it Notes – Case Study Questions
Question 1
In the development of this product, how did the creative thinking process work? Describe what took place in each of the four steps.

. The Post-It Notes case has clearly illustrated the 4 phases in creativity development and each step has demonstrated by the inventor of Post-It Notes as described below: * Background or knowledge accumulation
This phase was demonstrated by Art Fry who is the inventor of Post-It Notes whereby he recalled about the adhesive invented by Dr. Spencer Silver from a seminar he attended in the past. He approaches the R&D department to gather a background information and knowledge about adhesives that developed by Dr. Spencer Silver. * The mind…show more content…

…objectives are: * to create awareness and interest * to find out whether the product does create value for the intended users * to gather feedback for improvement

Question 3
What type of innovation was this – invention, extension, duplication, or synthesis? Defend your answer.

The Post-It notes may be viewed as invention since it was a totally new product that being invented and appear to be revolutionary. However, synthesis would be more appropriate to be described for Post-It notes since it was merely a combination of existing concepts into a new formulation (Frederick & Kuratko, 2010). It was the creative thinking of Fry that combine the existing ideas (bookmark and low-tack adhesive) that created the Post-It notes.
The Post-It Notes was not considered as extension and duplication. The Post-It Laptop Dispenser product that launched in year 2010 was considered as extension type of innovation as the idea was extended from Post-It Notes concept.

Question 4
Which of the innovation sources discussed in the chapter help account for this product’s success? Explain in detail.

There are 3 innovation sources that actually exemplified in Post-It notes. The primary source of innovation for Post-It Notes is “Unexpected occurrences” which denotes

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