Absn Csula Application Essay

Csula absn summer 2017

by JeslinB
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  1. 0 Hello Everyone,

    I noticed a forum hadn't been made for this year's application cycle, so I decided to start one I just submitted my application via mail on Wednesday. Hope to hear back from the program with an interview invite! Good luck to everyone who is applying this cycle!
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  3. Has anyone received an interview invite yet?
  4. Jan 28, '17 by vivalavida01
    I did! It's in a couple weeks...Thanks for starting the forum!
  5. Congratulations! When did you receive your interview invite? I received an email stating that they received my application on the 26th.
  6. Hi all!

    I got an interview! Very excited to meet with the program coordinator. Good luck to us all!
  7. I received a confirmation email on Jan 21st but have heard no word on an interview yet starting to get nervous but just chugging along! Good luck to those with interviews already!
  8. Don't worry Ru11! From what I remember from reading last year's forum, they were inviting people for interviews all throughout February.
  9. Thank for starting this thread! I'm glad to hear some people have been invited for interviews; congratulations! I got an application confirmation email on January 21st after submitting on January 8th. I'm so nervous, I hope I get an interview!

    For people who got an interview invitation, when did you submit your application?
  10. Feb 2, '17 by j6doll, CNA
    No interview notification for me yet, they had to make sure some of my writing courses fulfilled the critical thinking requirement. Hoping to hear back from them soon.

    I got accepted to CSUSM and already paid the deposit for them because we only had 2 weeks to accept/deny, but I really want to go to CSULA. I didnt want to deny SM since it wont be until late march/april by the time we find out admissions decisions for csula. so if accepted to LA i'll just lose my deposit to the other school. good luck everyone!
  11. Thought I'd chime in---
    The admissions office (really the entire home-base of the program) just did a major office move from one town to another. They're a bit behind the 8-ball in terms of paperwork, but I think they're all settled in now so hopefully you guys will start hearing back soon!
  12. Last edit by emercat on Feb 2, '17 : Reason: sleep deprived typo
    Mal27, I turned in my application January 10th . Got confirmation that they received it on the 17th. Interview invite a week after that. I did turn in my application in person; not sure if that made a difference in how long it took for them to process it.
  13. Emercat, that's amazing! I turned in my application on January 6th, in person as well. I got my confirmation email January 21st. Still waiting for an interview invite. Like you said before, they were sending out invites throughtout February, so fingers crossed!

    Best of luck to you! You must be an amazing applicant! What were your statistics?
  14. That would be great, thanks for the info!

Congratulations to all who got in. Just wanted to give a word of advice for orientation day. You will have an opportunity to purchase... things. You are only required to purchase the white top uniform, and the ID (you will be asked to buy two and it's up to you, some people have lost theirs and were glad to have another, others were pissed they paid for two when they only needed one). I very super highly recommend that you buy your black uniform pants ON YOUR OWN! (there are a ton of awesome brands to choose from online). The ones you will see on orientation day are probably crappy and marked up (and the color will most likely bleed all over that white top). All the other stuff, like folding clip boards, t-shirts, etc you *do not* have to buy. Many did buy clip boards and were glad to have them, but you can also buy your own later. The lab coats they will have are probably not as nice as the ones you would get yourself somewhere else which would fit you better and probably cost about the same (even with the embroidery which I don't believe is necessary but double check, you will have to wear your student ID anyway and the lab coats are short which only students wear).

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