My First Experience On Stage Essay

My First Day at School

My First Day at School :

A school is place of learning for a child. It is a training ground for him. Here he forms new associates, comes in contact with boys of different temperaments and forms new ideas and habits.

It is here that he prepares himself for the stage of life. So the right type of educational school is for great importance for him.

I was enrolled in a school at the age of five. It was a primary school. The memory of my first day in school is still fresh in my mind. It was a small school with eight rooms.

There were ten teachers including the physical instructor. The headmaster’s office was separate. The school had a compound with lush green lawns and flowers bedded.

My father took me to the headmaster’s office and got me admitted in the school. He gave me a packet of toffees to be distributed among my classmates.

My class teacher was very gentle. He encouraged me and treated me kindly. I felt a bit nervous in the new environment. The boys looked at me with wonder and smiled. I had with me English primer and got my first lesson in alphabet.

The bell for interval rang. The boys rushed out of the classrooms. Some of them gathered rounded me. They laughed at me and made fun of me. A few sympathized with me and befriended me. I had a novel experience.

The last bell went at three in the afternoon. All the boys felt very happy. I also took my bag and hurried back to my home.

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Write a two paragraph essay on the following theme: "One experience that almost everyone fears is when they have to speak in front of a crowd of people." In paragraph one, describe why people tend to view this is a frightening situation; in paragraph two, describe a time when you had to speak or perform in front of a crowd.

Speak in Public.
People usually tend to view speaking in front of a crowd of people is a frightening situation because of many reasons. First, people do not practice speaking in public. They have not used to speak reasonably and choose proper words in daily conversations with their friends and families. So they fear to fail their first experience in front of a large audience. Second, People feel scared, uncomfortable, and alone when standing on a stage with everyone's eyes focused on them and judging them. These feelings make them nervous and unable to perform effectively. Finally, some people simply do not know how to write and prepare for a reasonable speech. Thus, they lose confidence and the flow of their speech.

The first time I spoke in front of my classmates, I was unconscious. I forgot writing the subject on the board at the beginning. During the class, I avoided looking at my mentor who was assessing my performance. When it was reciting time, I remained speechless for a few seconds. My mouth was dry. Finally, as I could recite, my voice came out deep and choked, but I continued carelessly. While engaging in my speech, "It is enough" said my mentor. Her words gave me goose bumps. I had not yet mentioned all the lecture points. Going to my seat, I became on the verge of tears. For the rest of the class period, I kept getting angrier with myself. Why did not I manage class's time effectively? I thought to myself. "Though there are few weaknesses in your class, it was a good effort." my mentor said. When I heard that, I felt comfortable and more enthusiastic to perform a better class later.

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