Essay On My Hobbies In French

"David is clearly a very experienced and knowledgeable teacher. He places emphasis on pronunciation and encourages me to recall my vocabulary in a way that is useful for speaking French day-to-day. His French lessons via Skype are both fun and interesting, and he adapts on-the-fly, so that he can always challenge me at the appropriate level." Maria, Cambridge, UK" Maria, Cambridge, UK

"David is a great teacher who cares about his students and makes every effort for them to learn French on Skype where he types lessons notes. David has a proactive approach to learning and offers speaking conversation, grammar and reading classes. Check it out :)" Lachlan M., Sydney, Australia

"David Issokson is a wonderful French teacher. I've had a number, and he is the best by far. He makes learning the language enjoyable, fun even, while covering the essentials."
—Sandra Gulland, Ontario Canada

"It is said that 'The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.' David is a great teacher who inspires. He has great patient and explains french pronunciation very nicely. He is very friendly with pleasant personality. I am sure anyone will love to learn french from David."
– Dibakar Datta, Brown University, USA

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My french isn't that good, so using a dictionary I wrote an essay on my hobbies in french. My teacher told me that it needs to flow more and just generally improve and that I had to re-write it. So could someone with good knowledge of french please translate this? I will be very grateful, and it will help me learn french for the future so that i can attempt an essay like this on my own later. Thanks, Also please don't just use google translate. The essay:

When I have free time I enjoy to play a lot of different sports. My favourite sport is football as it is very interesting and exhilarating. Usually I play football in the park with my friends on the weekends, however this week we decided to play basketball instead which pleased me, as I have always been interested in it. My friends and I sometimes also go to the cinema, sometimes we watch horror films as these are the ones I enjoy watching most. My friends don't really like them however, and that's why we usually watch action films.
Another of my hobbies is visiting different museums and learning about other countries and traditions. Two weeks ago, my parents and I flew to france to visit the louvre. It was amazing! I loved all of the paintings and other works of art on display there, especially the Mona Lisa as it looked life-like. After we had visited the Louvre, my parents decided to go on a walk around Paris. We went to a lot of different monuments, notably the Eiffel Tower, and the Arc de Triomphe. I did not like going on the Eiffel Tower as it was raining at the time and you couldn't see anything! And the visit to the Arc de Triomphe was also dissappointing as there was not that much to see there.
Next year my parents and I plan to go to Paris and visit the Eiffel Tower again. Hopefully this time the weather will be better, and I will enjoy it more. We also plan to go to Disney Land as it has been one of the places I have wanted to go to for ages. I can't wait until we go there, as many of my friends who have been there told me about it. In the future I also hope to start up some new hobbies, such as golf or tennis as both seem quite interesting, and my teacher has recommended them for me.

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