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Education plays an important role in the society particularly on the development of the technical necessities, character build-up and the growth of the skills of each individual for the civilization’s improvement. Under this principle that the society itself and the concerned groups devote much attention and efforts in expanding and developing the educational system in the present to realize better benefits and potential for the people in general.

This includes the constant study and improvement in the educational strategies and approaches being implemented in the common facilities and institution operating in this aspect. In this concept, the approach of reducing the size of the classes gathers much positive criticisms and reactions establishing this system to be an advantage for the general educational aspect. Class size is mainly the sectionalized grouping of the student community depending on the factors of institutions, grade level, and others including potentials, skills and even grades.

In this aspect, the reduction of the class size is viewed to be a relevant factor on the development of the general cause as this is expected to result to more focused and close attention for each student in his or her respective classes. Indeed, the number of students is an important factor in the effectiveness and efficiency of the education given as this will determine the distribution of efforts, attention, and the participation of each student under the class grouping.

Having a smaller class will give more time for the educational facilitator to focus more on the progress, problems, and performance of each student and the entire class as it now has smaller quantity. In addition, smaller classes are also more manageable making it an ideal learning environment for the students. In the aspect of class size reduction, consider the experience of the author of this paper regarding the actual observation of the learning environment in small size classes.

In an actual experience, being in a small size class is indeed effective and more efficient for both the students and the facilitator. As observed, the teacher in small size classes can easily attend and observe the progress and performance of each of his or her student, as they are only quantifiably small. The teacher can also devote a significant portion of his time and effort for each student towards attending to their needs, monitoring their progress, and having an interpersonal communication for encouragement and evaluation.

On the other hand, students in small size classes can easily approach their teacher as he or she has sufficient time for each. In addition, the environment is not that crowded and is manageable thus, radiating an inviting and progressive environment for the students. In general, the approach of reducing the class size in the educational institutions is indeed advantageous and effective for the progressive learning development of the student population for the development of the next generation.

Class-Size Reduction Essay

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Class-Size Reduction

As our country continues to grow, so do our classrooms in which our future

is grown. Crowded classrooms can make it difficult for children to learn and can

increase stress to pass a class. Reducing class sizes at an early age can "improve

student learning" by their being exposed to more one on one attention with a

teacher (Class-Size Reduction Program). To achieve this goal, the Class-Size

Reduction Program calls for more and better-qualified teachers with more classrooms.

Some might see this as a great expense with an increase of taxes. Yet, Congress

has already approved $1.3 billion last year to help reduce our schoolsí class sizes.

The goal to is to bring…show more content…

With this

increase in funding, the Class-Size Reduction Program was able to hire about 49,000

teachers over the next seven years to help reduce class sizes to reach the national

average of 18 students in grades one to three (U.S. Department of Education 13).

Even with this increase of financial support, the State of Arizona still claims to not

have enough money to reduce class sizes. According to reports from the Arizona

Department of Education, it will cost $150.2 million just to bring class sizes down to

20 students (Flannery 2). Surely some of the $24 million that the U.S. Department of

Education gives to Arizona can help hire a handful of teachers to help reduce some

of the class sizes in the younger grade levels (Final FY 2001 1). Yet, there are still

those who believe that the size of a class doesnít affect the way students learn.

There have been other programs besides the Class-Size Reduction Program that

support and prove that smaller classes help students learn better. For example

the Tennessee Project STAR (Student/Teacher Achievement Ratio) and the Wisconsinís

SAGE (Student Achievement Guarantee in Education) have shown that having 13 to 17

students, compared to 25 students, in classrooms from kindergarten to third grade

can help children do better in math and reading. With all

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