Character Education Videos Responsibility Assignment

Newton had it right. For every action, there is a reaction. We’ve all done things without considering the consequences, but being mindful of cause and effect can go a long way toward helping us avoid mistakes in life.

The following Flocabulary songs teach about responsibility and making smart decisions. Below the videos, we have questions you can use to start a discussion with your students. And don’t forget about our other songs and videos to teach Character Education.

Songs About Responsibility & Decision Making

2nd Grade: “Think Before You Leap”

This song is based on a fable by an old storyteller named Aesop, and is a cautionary tale to students about making smart decisions. Ask: In this story, what bad decisions does the young frog make? Why does he make those decisions? What might the title, “Look Before You Leap” mean in our own lives? Watch now.


6th Grade: “The Ballad of Ron and Jon”

This song warns students to not make decisions based on anger. Ask: Why are the princes so angry with each other? Do they ever make peace? Why is it dangerous to not think ahead? Watch now.


8th Grade: “Changes”

This song is written about a serious issue – drunk driving, which is a major problem in America. Each year, on average, more than 15,000 people are killed and 250,000 people are injured in drunk driving accidents. Ask students: How would you feel if you knew someone who was killed by a drunk driver? What would you do if you knew someone who was going to drive drunk? Watch now.

Questions for Discussion

  • How were the characters in the videos responsible, or irresponsible?
  • What does responsibility look like? How does a responsible person act? How does an irresponsible person act?
  • How does responsibility play a role in our decisions?
  • How are we responsible for the wellbeing of others?


Dear Teacher or Discussion Leader: In discussing responsibility with your kids, we suggest that you try to steer the conversation away from the issue of "chores." While chores may be important (to parents, anyway), they are rather trivial compared with higher order aspects of responsibility that have to do with character and integrity. We urge you to frame the conversation in this broader light.

If you are using the video, ask the first three questions before viewing.

1.  What does it mean when someone is described as a "responsible" person?

2.  What are some of the responsibilities kids your age have?

3.  Are there some reasons why you might want to be considered a "responsible" person?

4.  Why did Rhonda beg her friends to let her work on the science project?

5.  Why did Rhonda's friends hesitate to give her an important responsibility?

6.  Rhonda's friends took a chance when they trusted her. Would you have done the same? Why, or why not?

7.  Why do you think Rhonda decided to stay home and do her work instead of going to Disneyland?

8.  How would the play have ended if Rhonda had decided to go to Disneyland?

9.  What are the rewards for being a responsible person?

10.  In what ways can being responsible or irresponsible affect a person's self-esteem?

11.  Did the kids in the discussion part of the program say anything that you strongly agree with or disagree with?

12.  What did you learn from this video program?

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